7 Phone photography tips and tricks you’ve got to try

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Phone photography has become increasingly popular among everyday users. The new phone cameras have been upgraded a lot, so much so that they can comfortably work as portable digital cameras on their own. A lot of us have become mini photographers, taking pictures almost everywhere we go. Naturally, we would like to take better pictures, so they can look and feel, at least semi-professional.

Clean Your Camera Lens

This may seem like a no-brainer but it isn’t common practice for most people. A smudged camera lens can make your photos come out a bit blurry. All you have to do is use a clean piece of cloth or even your shirt to wipe the lens before you begin shooting.

Use Your 3 x 3 Grid

Your phone camera comes with a grid setting. This allows you to use the rule of 3’s (threes) when you’re shooting. When you start taking shots with the grid in place, you’ll notice that your pictures come out with much better framing. The rule of thirds states that the subject of your shot should not be smack dab in the middle. An angle on the right or left is better depending on the overall composition.

Use Your Focus

Most cameras are programmed to focus on just one or two more elements in a shot. Depending on whether you use an iPhone or An Android device, your focus could vary. However, a yellow circle or square appearing on your screen is your best indicator.

Use Leading Lines

Leading lines when used correctly can bring out the magic in your picture and they are basic to use. You could make use of a road, a rail, a line at the beach, and so on. The nugget here is that your shot should capture the elements from the foreground as they lead up to the background.

Experiment with Glass cups and Zoom Lenses

This may sound a little funny at first, but putting your phone in a glass cup can give your picture a different aesthetic. This works especially well with close-ups of small elements, such as insects.

A zoom lens comes in handy for those long-range shots you’ve always wanted to take, but couldn’t because your camera begins to pixelate when you zoom in manually.

Learn Your Camera’s Features

One good thing to do is to familiarize yourself with your phone’s camera features. You should take time out to explore all the capabilities. A lot of people carry hidden gems in their smartphones but have yet to fully utilize their potentials.

Use a Gimbal

If you can afford to get a portable gimbal, do get one. This is especially useful for recording videos. Tracking moving objects with panning and tracking can be greatly enhanced with a solid one.

If You Can, Get an Add-on Lens

This would probably appeal to those looking to take photography to the next level. A lot of phones now come with 2 or more cameras installed and this gives a more rounded and compact feel to the images taken. Nevertheless, an external lens will accomplish more tasks as it regards aesthetics. A good add-on lens is a bit pricy but will be well worth it for higher definition photos and videos.

Let us know if you have any other tricks up your sleeve as well.

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