What The Highest Grossing Nigerian Films Have In Common

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The Nigerian movie industry or Nollywood as we know it has been turning out some magnificent box office gems lately. It seems that the new era of Nollywood films is tailored more towards international audiences. A number of these movies have done this to some acclaim. However, some of these movies have outdone the competition and have gone on to make big box office bank.

As of the writing of this piece, the highest-grossing Nigerian films of all time are,  The Wedding Party 1 with (N453,000,000 made), The Wedding Party 2 with (N433,197,377 made), Chief Daddy with (N387,540,749 made), and Sugar Rush with (N287,053,270 made).

Unbeknownst to many, these movies have a few things in common. Things that make them unique to the Nollywood landscape and that have also made them appealing to international audiences as well.

These are 5 things that the highest-grossing Nigerian FIlms of all time have in common.

The Gossip Test

The gossip test simply refers to the shareability factor of a movie. If someone hears the premise of a movie and considers it interesting enough to tell someone else, there is a serious chance that all three parties will eventually go see the movie.

This is the premise of The Wedding Party. “ It’s the wedding day of Dunni Coker (Adesua Etomi), a 24-year-old art gallery owner who is the only daughter of Engineer Bamidele and Mrs. Tinuade Coker, and the IT entrepreneur Dozie Onwuka (Banky Wellington) who comes from a very wealthy family. His mother, Lady Obianuju Onwuka, considers her son to be marrying beneath himself.

This is the premise of Sugar Rush, “The Sugar sisters Bola Sugar(Bimbo Ademoye), Sola Sugar(Bisola Aiyeola), and Susie Sugar(Adesua Etomi-Wellington), accidentally discover $800,000 in the house of a corrupt man, Chief Douglas. In the next couple of days, they start to spend some of the money only to meet their Waterloo when mafia men come to claim the stake of the money.

‘Chief Daddy’ tells the story of billionaire industrialist Chief Beecroft, a flamboyant benefactor to a large extended family of relatives, household staff, and assorted mistresses. Chief lives large like there’s no tomorrow, until the day he dies suddenly and the ‘bullion van’ stops. What’s in his will and who gets all that money?

All of these storylines would pique major interest because there are a lot of high stakes involved and they set up more than a bit of intrigue.


The Nigerian movie landscape welcomes comedy with wide-open arms. On social media, On Tv,  and in the movies, Nigerians love a have a laugh. This is not to say that other movie genres do not make a lot of money at the box office. King of Boys with (N244,775,758 made), is a crime thriller and is the 4th highest-grossing of all time.

Faces We Know and Love Another thing these blockbuster movies have in common is that they are all packed with stars. These actors all bring their variety of fanbases to the fray when they join

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